Towards a sustainable global dairy industry

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has published ‘A Common Carbon Footprint Approach for Dairy: The IDF Guide to Standard Lifecycle Assessment Methodology for the Dairy Sector’.

This important initiative is the result of more than a year of hard work involving widespread collaboration across the dairy industry with input from both scientists and practitioners. The Guide, which is based on cutting-edge best practice, scientific knowledge and current international standards, represents a significant step forward in the calculation of carbon footprint for the dairy sector.

With the publication of this Guide, stakeholders in the dairy sector worldwide will be able to measure and monitor the carbon footprint of their operations using an agreed coherent and consistent methodology based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

The Guide will facilitate comparisons among operations on a global scale. Being able to robustly and reliably monitor carbon emissions will enable users of the Guide to manage change effectively and to quantify their success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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About the IDF LCA GuideAbout the IDF LCA Guide

Watch our short video to find out why the Guide is so important, what it means for the future of the global dairy industry and the IDF, and its implications for future developments in sustainability in agriculture.

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What is a carbon footprint ?What is a carbon footprint ?

A carbon footprint is a measure of the sum total of all greenhouse gas emissions of a business, individual or other entity and is thus a key parameter in evaluating their impact on the environment.

Why the Guide is so important

Milk and dairy products are becoming more popular with consumers around the world, so the global consumption of milk and dairy products is set to increase over the coming decades. However, increasing dairy production to meet customer demand has implications for natural resources and the environment globally.

The global dairy sector, led by the IDF, is aware of the need to produce milk and dairy products in as sustainable way as possible to minimise the impact on our environment.

IDF action

The IDF’s mission is to represent the dairy sector worldwide by providing the best global source of scientific expertise and knowledge – that is, to be the global centre for dairy expertise. This supports the development and promotion of quality milk and dairy products to deliver nutrition, health and well-being to the consumer.

The IDF is also very active in prioritising environmental considerations. The Federation coordinates research for the industry on climate change, water and biodiversity, among many other environmental issues.

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